Making The MT Switch

August 6, 2007

I’m doing some research on switching back to MovableType, in part so I can support the MT Open Source initiative.

WordPress isn’t what it use to be, both from a development and security perspective, as well as having a leadership that seems more focused on commercial interests than the open source side.

If anyone has any advice/ tips/ recommended MT plugins let me know. I’ve noticed that a lot of extra functionality comes standard in MT 4 so I’m not seeing the need for a large number of plugins, but there must be some that come well recommended.

Next stop: relearning the MT template tag structure. 🙂

8 responses to Making The MT Switch

  1. Crazy I was just talking to Anil about this tonight. I too am making the switch for political reasons and to support the open source movement.

  2. Interesting thought. From a technical point, I’ll stick with WordPress – I have to use both and find MT inherently annoying – but that’s just me.

    Trying not to get sucked into the political aspects of it all (I’m in too many other brands of politics to have time). Be interesting to see what develops, though.

  3. As far as my personal blogs are concerned, I belong to the switchers too.

  4. Ummm what is the political aspects of using WP instead of MT? Is this just office politics like issues within the WP community which people don’t like or is it something meaningful like a Democrat VS Republican thing.

  5. I think so Anthony. Don’t think it’s *real* ie Party Politics. At least I hope not.

    Some of the blogs I write for which use MT have been screwed for nearly 11 hours today (intermittent posting, most items not publishing) so I’m not impressed at all. It could be the hosting, but someone, somewhere, should be ashamed at the service.

  6. Thanks Andy. I didn’t think it’d be real world stuff but just thought I’d check.

    Does MT still have that rebuild thing it does before publishing posts and I think comments? It’s so long since I used it but I am still turned off by that delay from when I first started blogging.

  7. Hi Duncan, feel free to drop me a line if you need some help with MT. Most of what you need plugins for in WordPress and MT3.x has been built into MT4, it’s really only the “nice-to-haves” that are plugins now and the new plugins directory ( is a great place to find them!

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