Butterfly Marketing reviewed…by someone not in the ebook flogging business

August 10, 2006

Heard the hype yet? If you haven’t The Butterfly Marketing Manuscript is the best thing since sliced bread…who’s told me, well there’s Yaro, Mike himself, Joel, Eric, and half a dozen other people who I’ve never heard of, but somehow I got on their email lists and they sent me the same stuff…all of them.

So is The Butterfly Marketing ebook worth it…well, that depends. If you’ve ever thought (seriously) about flogging an ebook yourself, the simple answer is yes, if you have no intentions of flogging ebooks, well no. Perhaps it might be applied to some whizbang software package, but maybe not.

And yes, unlike some of the others who have tried to flog this ebook to me, I’ve actually purchased the book, after all, if there is so much hype, it should be worth a look, right? (ok, maybe not, but I just wanted to take a look).

It’s all about flogging ebooks…but I’ve said that already.

As someone who has a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in marketing, I should expect this sort of thing…but I didn’t. The methods recommended in this ebook are totally legal…but they are way sneaky as well (and that’s me being polite). Some parts of it honestly sounded like an Amway sales pitch, but my honest opinion at this stage: this guy knows how to sell ebooks and it’s probably worth getting a copy if you want to flog an ebook as well. If you aren’t interested in selling ebooks, don’t bother. The “Butterfly Marketing” moniker is false, it should really be “Butterfly flogging ebooks”…that would be more honest 🙂

PS: yes, there are affiliate links here, I want to earn my money back for the book, so if you feel like buying it, give to a good affiliate cause 🙂



2 responses to Butterfly Marketing reviewed…by someone not in the ebook flogging business

  1. Duncan … Hmmm 🙂

    Cynical with an affiliate link, nice 😉

    Send me an email and don’t be polite about what you thought of it and I’ll write it up at my blog. I’m seriously interested in your thoughts.

    I’m a little wary with the tactics involved in the build up and marketing drive behind this (and I’m covering the industry!). There’s a very strict forumula in such launches and not all of them are ethical.

    There’s marketing triggers that get you to buy and then there are marketing triggers!! Personally, I think we’re becoming more and more marketing savvy to such tactics. Just my opinion.

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