Content isn’t dead

August 22, 2006

Chartreuse today suggests that content is dead, but it isn’t because as much as I fear that the rise of the totalitarian nanny state is upon us (socialism meets 1984) content still doesn’t come in one flavour, it comes in many different flavours, and like Ice Cream we all have different favourites, and hence we have content we like and content we don’t like, subjectively put: good content and bad content.

b5media, as much as some have said recently that we are a advertising company, or others a technology company, for me is still primarily a content company. We generate content that we hope people will like, and generally speaking at 20 million page views a month (and growing) so far it seems to be working. Of course, bad content can be good content if you’re the Googlebot and some content generators (sploggers) are seeking search engine traffic…and yet if some are making big bucks from splogging, content certainly isn’t dead here either, although I might not like it’s taste personally.

One response to Content isn’t dead

  1. is resource not king though?