The 10 ways Australia would be different if we were an American State

August 22, 2006 — 13 Comments

Inspired by Darren’s recent list making competitions, I present some facts for those who think Australia is nothing more than an American State:

The 10 ways Australia would be different if we were an American State

1. Our currency would be made out of paper and would be green. Not only would it be really easy to forge, North Korea would be one of the worlds largest producers of it.

2. We’d be one of only 3 countries in the world that don’t use the Metric System.

3. We would only have been on the winning side in major 20th century wars if we’d turned up late.

4. We’d drive on the wrong side of the road, mainly because we decided to do so to spite the British.

5. We’d also wouldn’t be able to spell in English correctly, and hence we would have adopted our own version of English spelling which we would then try to impose on the rest of the world.

6. Our murder rate would be at least 4 times higher, and most of those murders would involve guns, which many of us would own and keep at home.

7. Instead of having a $10 billion+ Federal Government Surplus, our Federal Government would have a trillion dollar defecit.

8. Terrorist attacks on home soil wouldn’t just include the Hilton Hotel Bombing, and yet we would never have been attacked on home soil during a war.

9. English would not be our official language (the US doesn’t have one). Everyone in Victoria would speak Spanish, although we’d still call them Mexicans.

10. McDonalds would include pickles on their McOz burger, and instead of serving Sausage and Egg McMuffins for breakfast, we’d be eating Burritos.