David Hicks: enough is enough

February 5, 2007

More David Hicks BS: this time an advertising campaign trying to “humanise” him. Enough is enough. Hang him, shoot him, do something to him please Mr Bush, just something to shut the nutters up. Am I really alone in being sick and tired of hearing the whinging day in, day out about Hicks being in Gitmo? The f*cker was caught in AFGHANISTAN for christ sake! Let me give everyone a bloody great big clue: he wasn’t there on a Club Med or Club 18-30 holiday. David Hicks should be grateful that he’s alive, after all the best thing for terrorists is death. Oh yeh, this dinky dye, true blue aussie also changed his name to Mohammed Dawood, and whilst converting to mohammedism isn’t a crime (mind you, if you’re a muslim and you convert to Christianity, they consider that a capital crime) he took that to the extreme of fighting in Kosovo, before taking up the fight in Afghanistan. The guy is an admitted Muslim fighter…a fighter who took on allied forces in Afghanistan and who had strong ties to Al Quieda. He’s lucky he is where he is…alive and fed, because he doesn’t deserve it.


2 responses to David Hicks: enough is enough

  1. Duncan how do you know he was a terrorist? Nobody knows this. It’s been claimed Hicks was sold to the US by the Northern Alliance for $1000, as were thousands of others who have either been charged or released years ago. They picked up anyone in sight for a cool grand each. That’s big money over there. I’ve even read some reports he was picked up while travelling on a public bus. So how do you know he was a terrorist? In Kosovo he joined the US trained KLA , does that make him a terrorist too? How?

    What we do know is that a fellow Australian citizen has been denied any justice for 5 years and has been allowed to rot in isolation without charge and that this process is condoned by the Australain gov.

    Oh and we know that you seem to be ok with this too.

  2. im only 16 years old but why would you feeel that he should be killed. it is very onfair to him just becuase he made one mistake people should learn to forgive him. lots of people make mistakes in there life but he is finding it very hard just give him a chance everyone else does. im sure that in your life that you have done something wrong and people learned to forgive you.

    Thank you