From the Arse end of the world to the rest of it

October 20, 2006 — 1 Comment

Darren posts about our forthcoming trip to Toronto. Darren gets the easier of our trips. Bunbury is roughly 2 1/2 hours South of Perth, and Perth is literally at the arse end of the world…they say it’s the most remote capital city in the world, and they aren’t lying. Unlike Darren’s trip, god must of been on my side when I booked the flights because despite trying to make sure I went the cheapest route, Craptus..sorry, Qantas wasn’t the cheapest option, nor the easiest in terms of flights either, so I’m heading to Toronto via Hong Kong flying Cathay Pacific, which I’m told has won awards for being the best airline in the world or something similar.

For anyone in Toronto who might want to say g’day, I’m in Toronto from 12 November through to 23 November. I’ve also got stop overs in Hong Kong both ways due to the way the flights worked out. Look out shops, here I come. 🙂