Google rules the waves

March 26, 2006

Just reading at Threadwatch that Google has now got basically 75% of the UK search market. The figure here in Australia is close for memory. When all the so-called experts in America talk about Google they always talk about it from an American perspective, despite the fact that Google is a lot stronger (in terms of market share) outside of the states. It’s what? less than 50% in the states? well it would be one of the few markets it isn’t competing from a position of power in.

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  1. The UK provides 14 percent of Google’s revenue, bigger than most of the rest of the world put together. When that slipped over Christmas, Google had a massive crisis and its shares fell 25 percent.

    You’re right, Duncan, big US corps shouldn’t understimate the good old UK. 😉

  2. A lot of people except uber-geeks use Google. 😀

    But good find, thanks Duncan, I guess Google does rule the world and when are we gonna see that “Don’t be evil” thing ripped?

  3. My sources say Australia is actually their most profitable market. Figure highest costs are bandwidth, rack space and salaries, on the revenue side: ads. We know bandwidth and rack space are relatively expensive in Australia, so either ad sales people are cheaper here, or very productive, or both.

    They’re expanding their business rapidly in Australia at the moment – hiring developers and salespeople and adding to their rented floor space in Darling Harbour.

  4. In terms of revenue, the UK is way ahead at 14 percent of the Google’s total.

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