Is Robert Scoble being Snarky?

March 26, 2006

Robert…Robert my friend! WTF is going on. I read this post and it smells and looks like Snark. The same sort of snark you were only rallying against the other week. Now Robert, if I can scrape up enough money to go on the blog cruise in October I intend on buying you a drink…or 10 and we’ll discuss this in person, because as much as I disagree with you, some of my best friends in the world I disagree with, they’re are often the most interesting people to hang out with and talk to, because you get some of the most interesting and fun discussions, and despite my occasion fun with you, you are still someone I respect, but just happen to disagree with on occasion. And I’m really not that bad, I’m what we call in Australia, a sh*t stirrer. 🙂

Now on this fellow Australian. David Richards. Can’t say I’ve heard of him but Phil Sim suggests he was behind the Bottom of the Harbour Royal Commision. I half suspect he’s making this stuff up, but responding with Snark….well it’s sort of like Mena Trott yelling at people during her now famous talk on civility.