Has Twitter passed its peak?

April 10, 2007

Has Twitter passed its peak? or is it more of an adjustment following the post SXSW hype, a rollercoaster ride of traffic? I’ve got an ever increasing list of friends/ subs in Twitter, and yet the level of posting this last week is actually declined. Might have something to do with Easter…will wait and see I guess.

If you want to join me: http://twitter.com/duncanriley

Nothing too exciting, but I am trying to post the occasionally interesting thing.

One response to Has Twitter passed its peak?

  1. I’m wondering if this is really the birth of a new form of blogging and that services such as twitter and jaiku will fade away eventually – perhaps we’ll see twitter type platforms made by WordPress in the future? What will be the lingo for this type of activity? Twittering? It’s going to be very interesting to watch!