My Google Wishlist

April 10, 2007 — 2 Comments

For those not following my posts @ 901am, I wrote yesterday about my switch to all things Google.

But I do have a small wish list of things I’d like Google to implement/ change so I can perfect my experience:

1. Outlook style functionality in gmail
I need folders! The main reason I download my email to Outlook is so I can drag emails into an extensive array of folders. Yes, gmail has tags, but it’s not the same. I’d switch permanently to only using gmail via is I could have this feature, if Yahoo can do it, surely Google can as well

2. Full screen text in reader
I’m liking Google Reader more and more each day, but the text from the feeds should use the whole screen, not wrap half way

3. Firefox bookmark integration
I’m staying with Google Bookmarks for sure, but having two Bookmark buttons in Firefox is stupid. Foxmarks integrates with Firefox Bookmarks, GMarks (which isn’t from Google) doesn’t…and Google’s only alternative is the Google toolbar, which I’m not interested in using. C’mon Google, support your product!

There’s probably more things, if you’ve got any suggestions for Google, please share!