January 21, 2008 — 10 Comments

I’ve been tossing up this week how I should post about this result. To simply go out and boast about the result would simply make me out to be a complete and utter wanker, and I know some of you think that, but lets spend at least 30 minutes together and correct that perception.

I am truly humbled that my peers would see it fit to vote for me as Australia’s top web celeb. If I was to be fair, I could probably argue about the distribution of the voting, and I’m sure I could find a way to dispute the results as well, indeed I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t find that angle. But having said that I hope that those who did vote for me knew that, that ultimately my word and honesty is hopefully my strongest qualities.

I don’t always get it right, and in my 9 odd months at TechCrunch I’ve had my fair share of wrongens as well as hits. Like anything it’s a numbers game where you hope that you get it right more times than you get it wrong, but I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t always get it right, be it at TechCrunch, or even in my past endevours. If I ever start forgetting that fact I’d only hope that someone will track me down and beat me around the head with a wet fish. The person who thinks they are always right is a flawed human being, ultimately we are all human and all humans make mistakes. What differentiates one person from another is that some make less mistakes than others. I hope that at 32 years of age (so compared with many in the industry, old) that wisdom is slightly the right/ wrong equation in my favour.

I know that attention can go to ones head…put me in a crowd at a TechCrunch event where everyone wants to be your friend because you might be able to deliver for them with a post is a bloody good example. This is my 3rd trip to SFO and the Valley since I started writing for TechCrunch and it’s still thick with people doing just that. To be fair there are positives to the hardcore “networking” experience. I’ve had the opportunity to meet some amazing people, and no I’m not name dropping here because often its the relatively unknown folks that make the biggest impressions. I even enjoy my interactions with the PR ppl as well, but only on some levels because my background was in some form or another was nearly always PR and marketing related. Call me a voyeur but I love watching some of them work, its fascinating, and at the same time its borderline worlds best as well.

My thanks to those who voted for me, and if I can ever return the favor, karma dictates that I should. I may be godless in my belief system but I still solidly believe that something in the universe balances out good and bad, that karma is in play. I’ve seen those who have wronged me, or more particularly my family in the past get their just deserts with time which is why ultimately I believe that what goes around, comes around. I only hope that despite my flaws and weaknesses that I can manage to put the balance in my favor in the future.