Isolation, and UGC

January 23, 2008 — 4 Comments

Note this is a stream of conscious post, hence the dot points and perhaps not completely joining concepts. I’ve done this previously, and I enjoy the format, but it’s been a while hence the preamble.

  • The more I write, the more I love doing it. It’s like a drug that you can’t give up.
  • It’s no secret that I’ve wanted to go back to doing a startup. I’d hoped to have the business plan finished, but it’s still not quite there..well, at least it needs at least 3 proof reads and the last couple of pages finished. The thing that’s held me back is writing.
  • And yet, I love what I do.
  • Having spent that better part of the last decade in Country WA, I’ve been isolated. For a long time I thought that perhaps I was the only one that loved writing and UGC. When I started the Blog Herald I soon discovered that I was wrong. The first startup came and went, and I met more people. But in the last nearly 18 months the Web 2.0/ UGC movement has taken off in Australia, and I’ve discovered I’m not alone
  • I know that not every thing I write will be agreed with, but I love nothing more than seeding a decent conversation, even when that means sometimes I’m in the minority. I’ve learnt a lot this way, and I’ve even changed my opinion based on the discussions and arguments I’ve participated in, or listened to
  • I’m somewhat tempted to continue creating content, and I think the next natural stage is video. I’m not sure how attractive my noggin is in HD, but I need to explore the possibilities.
  • The question then becomes later in the year, do I keep doing what I’m doing now, but expanded into video, or do something different, or ultimately can I do both, in some way or another.
  • Either way, I’ve been blessed this last 12 months. I’ve made great new friends, folks like Nick Hodge come to mind, but there are others as well (so apologies for not trying to name everyone). One part of me says it cant last, but ultimately we have some control over our own destiny, karma perhaps aside, so I hope it does. If you’d asked me two years ago that I’d have traveled to the US on multiple occasions, sat through a Steve Jobs keynote, met amazing people, driven a car on more than one trip on the wrong side of the road and not hit anything, bought at AT&T sim card, knew where to find things in Fry’s Palo Alto by memory….well I would have laughed.
  • My thanks to those who have supported me along the way. Those who have been patient, who have tolerated my failings, who have none the less returned, and on the most part been supportive going forward. I can only hope to meet more of you in person in th ecoming years. Being on the East Coast (Melbourne) should help with that I’d hope.