I Don’t Get This Government [Bangs Head on Desk]

February 25, 2008

Mao Ze Rudd is going to make R rated games legal, a good thing, and yet they want to censor the interwebs from sex and anything else that might be offensive on the given day they pass the legislation, and the giveaways they’ll give to Fielding to get it through the Senate.

Don’t get me wrong, I support the gaming move, but you’d think the Government was being run by American Republicans: violence is OK, sex is bad. All that stuff about Ruddy being a bible basher was true, wasn’t it… I can sense the mythical hand of God in Government policy, after all there could be no other rational explanation for their dyslexic censorship regime. Conroy’s probably tacking tips from Huckabee 🙂

5 responses to I Don’t Get This Government [Bangs Head on Desk]

  1. Alright! Welcome to “video games for grown ups” Australia!! It’s nice to the Aussie Gov’t extend your leash by a few meters. 😉

    I kinda thought that maybe being “upside down” was lending to your government’s being “Ass Backwards” in their policy singling out video games (on shelves, seemingly ignoring [ignorant?] to the accessibility of digital violence online). 😀

    Then again… look out. “We” americans have enjoyed our video game violence every step of the way and look at us… *gasp* … god forbid, eh? 😛

    p.s. lmfao @ “mao ze”

  2. Whats not to get? The government wants to put ratings on websites and block underage access. They also want to allow R rated games and I assume they want to limit their sales to over 18 year olds.

    This seems like the same policy to me.

  3. I can’t fathom Senator Conroy – an enigma. But presumably Mr Rudd would like Family First support on IR changes.

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