New Address + LPO’s are like Rabbits

February 25, 2008 — Leave a comment

PO Box 8164 Camberwell North, VIC 3124

With choice strangely comes scarcity. I started at the Camberwell West LPO because it’s easier to get a car park there (despite being further) but they had no boxes, so I ended up at Camberwell North which is within reasonable walking distance but being on Burke Road is a pain for parking…and clearways as well, so it’s not as though I’ll be able to stop briefly in the morning after taking the boy to school. There’s something like 5 post offices just in Camberwell, all but the main one are LPO’s. We use to complain about LPO’s in the West because they never gave as good a service, but I have to say the local Camberwell North was very plesant, husband and wife running it. V. Small, but just sort of country nice in the middle of the chaos that is Melbourne.