Is the new Blog Herald?

March 21, 2006 — 1 Comment

I’ve had about 10 people say this to me in the last week. Simple answer is no. For starters I’m actually having fun writing here. Real fun, like I use to have once upon at time with The Blog Herald itself. Towards the end it became too big for me to manage. At times writing to it was like a chore, and there was the reader expectation that I would post. It became work, and although I’d never change the 3 years I had writing it, it was consuming too much time. The money from the sale of course helped. I’ve got a painter in the new house at the moment for example that I couldn’t have afforded if I hadn’t sold the site. I even went and bought a new fridge. The first time I’ve owned a “new” fridge…ever. And it’s also given me a window of opportunity to work from home towards building b5media into something even bigger than the monster it has already become (I’m not sure I can disclose some of our latest figures, but they are amazing!).

And of course the tone is different. A lot of what I wrote at The Blog Herald was in a “reporting” format, is a lot more informal, and it’s not on a particular topic either. Sure, I occasionally went off topic at The Blog Herald, but here I can really pretty much do and write what ever I want, as long as I don’t upset Jeremy (or 9rules, which upsets Jeremy in turn 🙂 ) I can ramble to my hearts content, pretty much as I am now with this post, and it doesn’t really matter. It’s sort of liberating in a way. And if tomorrow I wake up and don’t feel like posting, no ones going to ask where I am. If the traffic drops I couldn’t care less. And of course because there is no longer this obligation, this concern, this stress, I’m actually writing a fair bit here at the moment. I can only hope the fun lasts.