OMG! Dave Brubeck has a MySpace site! Being different in blogging

March 21, 2006 — Leave a comment

Dave Brubeck at MySpace. You can even listen to one of the greatest peices of music EVER WRITTEN. Blue Rondo a la Turk.

I couldn’t help but draw a Darren style tangent though. Is 100 years time, when the people of the future look back at the music on the 20th century, they’ll remember few people, but Dave Brubeck will be one of them. Sure, he was never the most famous of musos, nor the biggest seller, but he was different. He pushed music to new boundaries. He went outside the 4/4 beat we get delivered every day and explored different beats, different ways of putting together music.

There are hundred of millions of bloggers out there. Many would argue saying pretty much the same thing, and sure, some will go very well. But will you be remembered in 10 or 20 years. Being different may be risky, it may be bold, but breaking new ground also means that you can stand out from the crowd, and if your idea or way of doing things catches on, you may well be remembered as well.

It’s one of the reason why I’m getting more and more sucked into Web 2.0, podcasting and chatting with the 2web crew and listening to people like Nik Cubrilovic. I can’t honestly say whether what Nik is trying to establish with Omnidrive will be sucessful, but he isn’t just following the crowd, he’s committed to building something bigger than he is, something that may well stand the test of time. Aside from some of the throth in Web 2.0, there are people out there like Nik with similar ideals. There not all build and sell merchants, these are people who are trying to build new things, things that haven’t been done before. Many will fail, but some will suceed, and by being bold, by being different, they are aiming to be remembered in the future.