Megablocks beat Lego in court

November 18, 2005

Admission time here: as a kid I was a huge lego fan: I had an extensive lego railway and town, probably 10 sq metres of it atleast, and probably more, it actually took up a whole room in a house we once lived in. So as much as my son owns megablocks and lego, this sort of makes me sad, and yet happy at the same time, given that lego has lost the plot from what I can see. Read here. In the old days of lego you could build a town and buy a post office, a train station, hotel, etc, etc… today I don’t recognise lego, its Harry Potter and space stuff, none of the basic stuff from what I can see, and its all very, very complicated. The wonder of lego for me as a child was that I could get pieces to build a town of practical items. I could drive the cars around on the Lego Road maps (which all connected up) and on which you could put your lego buildings. It was magical, in a practical, real life sense. Today they’ve just seem to have lost the plot. One lego peice doesn’t fit with another in terms of theming any more. No wonder kids are buying megablocks.

7 responses to Megablocks beat Lego in court

  1. This is definitely one for the kids blog! We have MegaBloks but they just don’t click together and hold as well as the Duplos. To me, they’re all the same. 😛

  2. hi duncan, how do you think an australian blog network would go?

  3. i’m a lego fan myself. just the quality of plastic that they use — very different from megabloks. BUT i am very disappointed in the trend lego has followed the past few years. when i first bought legos for my kids it was to fire up their imagination, to impose NO limits. it seems the lego kits available these days all have the same limits on them — one theme, one direction: more marketing to the kids.

  4. I am a lego fan of the past. However I just bought my son a mega blocks set as he can build with his own imagation and with legos you cant just buy the blocks any more. You have to buy the pre done theam. I do have a room with legos in it that I built and theams I bought but I dont see me buying anymore for my son in the near fuiture

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