World of Warcraft Madness

November 21, 2005 — 7 Comments

A little tidbit: I bought World of Warcraft on Saturday, and thought to myself last night (Sunday) that I’d install it and have a go. Its now Monday night, and I’m still not playing it. Install with 5 CD’s took about 1 hour, then the 1st patch was about a 250mb download which took a bit over 2 hours. That was Sunday gone. Now its Monday night, I’m just finishing up a bit of b5media work and I think to myself “I’ll check out World of Warcraft”….and what do I find: more patches. One downloads and installs in a couple of minutes, which is fine, now I’m downloading another one which is ?? out of 22,000 odd I don’t know whats, but it looks like its going to take hours at this rate. Given I’ve already signed up I’m half tempted to take it back, 1 day in and I still cant play the thing because of all the patches that need to be downloaded. Its really, really bad.