Open source Digg-style CMS?

September 13, 2006

Jason Calacanis points to Federated Media’s new Digg style site:SearchMob. Haven’t had a deep look at it, but what I did notice is the link to the CMS, a Web 2.0 Open Source package called Pligg. Yep, you to can now run your own Digg clone from the comfort of your own home and all for free! 🙂

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  1. That looks like a pretty cool script, I think I will give it a try.

  2. That script is old news, it been out there for a while now. There was a guy from O’Reilly who was accused of coping Digg’s css.


  3. Well that’s just great Duncan! You just launched a whole bunch of wannabees without their own ideas into making Digg clones. The they’ll try to get out there and make Digg-ish traffic, but won’t get, err, many diggs (or whatever they’ll call it) so they’ll just die. 😉

    All in a days work, ey?

  4. I installed the software and it is pretty cool. No digg aspirations here, but the developers have some interesting features planned in coming versions.

  5. Nice site Mike, great template, is it a standard do they offer or is it something they whipped up?

  6. It was created by someone one forums. The default is fairly lame. It is a nice alternative to using WP if you are only going to be blogging about news articles.

  7. I bought one of these sites for the company I work for just to get cheap site wide links,
    They seem to get indexed pretty deeply so from that point they are quite nice. After that I Bit the bulleyt & figured out how to set it up and started one of my own, even with little experience the install was not that hard. As mentioned hopefully it will be easier in the future to customise the templates with little

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