Rocket Post, yet another blog posting tool

June 27, 2006

Darren’s got a great big list of professional blogging links over at Problogger today and instead of doing the work I should have been doing I spent some time checking out a few of the links, and discovered yet another blog posting tool, RocketPost for Anconia. It certainly looked interesting enough from their page to download the demo version, and I was looking forward to perhaps finding the next step up in blogging software from my current blogging tool of choice, Blogware. Sadly however, I was disappointed once again, because despite some fairly nice WYSIWIG features, they just don’t get the image handling right, for example I cant copy and paste an image into a post, and as much as I can drag and drop an image from a page to RocketPost, it doesn’t save it in the post, it just shows it from the original page, which as all bloggers know is a no-no. Oh well, back to BlogDesk.

Post note: no tags here, the feature didn’t work in RocketPost despite promising to.

9 responses to Rocket Post, yet another blog posting tool

  1. I use rocketpost and deal with images in the following manner.

    When I find an article I want to post about, I pick out the image and save it an images directory for my blog. RocketPost allows my to point at the image in the directory, size it, and upload it to the blawg easily.

    I do this because there a images that I want to use over and over

  2. I have had Rocket Posts since Feburary and can’t seem to hook it up to my blog. I use yahoo webhosting, which allows me to activate a blog automatically. I am not to technically inclined, but I am not stupid either. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to set it up so I can post. I feel as if I have been burned. I paid almost $40 for the product and can’t get it to work. I have contacted their tech support and they are no help. I think I have received on e-mail from them and it was basically tough luck. I have sent other e-mails, but can’t get a response from them. Anyone that can help?

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