Technorati updates: more like Digg, and actually works

July 25, 2006

Dave Sifry posts at the Technorati blog about the latest release from Technorati here. Initial thoughts: a darn lot better that their last major update. The Hello Kitty bubbles have been confined to history and the new look is slick, although still maybe a little cluttered. Speed wise: wow…and I mean wow + they’ve finally integrated Technorati rankings back into lower ranking blogs, so I finally know where my sites actually rank now in the blogosphere. However, time will tell if this is actually updated regularly…I can only hope so. You also now get a much better personalised experience as well..indeed, I never got around to claiming my personal blog in Technorati until today, so Technorati Profile is what I have to include in this post 🙂

One last thought: anyone smell Digg in the redesign? Sure, there’s no direct on page social bookmarking, but notice the new emphasis on Digg style post categories….it’s a little like Digg but voting is via incoming links. Will be interesting to see what the traffic will be like from those featured in these categories.


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