The Filtering Problem on RSVP

February 17, 2010 — 2 Comments

So I joined an online dating site, specifically Fairfax’s RSVP. Yeah, yeah, online dating etc…

But there’s a catch. Well, there’s not that sort of catch yet, its been less than 24 hours 🙂

The filtering sucks.

I received an email of potential matches: none of them matched.

The problem is that while you can say what your preferences are, it’s difficult to filter other peoples preferences.

For example: I don’t care if the other person is single, divorced, separated etc. But I can only search based on that criteria for them, vs what they want in a partner.

Example: women who only want someone who is single or doesn’t have kids. I can search if they do or don’t have kids, but I can’t filter out those who want someone who doesn’t have children (obviously there I have a son.)

And it can’t be that hard. I think I could write the SQL query to do it based on my one semester of SQL in 98 🙂