Top 100 Australian Blogs: feeds via OPML update

April 27, 2007 — 6 Comments

A quick update on the original list which can still be downloaded by clicking here.

Meg has run an update to the list + I’ve now got a feed for MadBull’s Annoyances.

New blogs include:

I’ve updated the original list to include all these blogs, so it’s now longer than the Top 100, two reasons: I can’t be asked finding out which ones dropped off the list, secondly I don’t really want to knock anyone off it anyway, why start excluding people when this exercise is all about promoting Australian blogs.

Thanks to Meg for the update.

If you have previously run the original list in your feedreader, click here to get just the updated sites. Some feedreaders won’t install duplicates, but some do (Google Reader in particular), so best to be on the safe side.