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so that’s where kittens come from.

Baby Camel. Not quite what I was expecting.

photos updated

April 27, 2005

I like taking pictures, although they have no real value except for purposes of sentimentality :-)

I’ve updated my Flickr pages, it’s also giving me a better appreciation of how tags work

anyhow, new pics at


February 28, 2005

Yes, not enough blogging, still recovering from the election, but the boy seems happy.

BBQ Nation

December 5, 2004

Another weekend gone and some time for some gratuitous Australia plugging with this wonderful line “Australia is the BBQ Nation”.
Every Friday night is BBQ night (unless going out), middle of winter or the heat of summer out it comes. Friday night consisted of sausages (thin), lamb cutlets, onions and herbed potatoes, washed down with Dark and Stormy’s

australian bbq

Augusta town

November 23, 2004

Too many bizarre tales on the site lately so time for some balance, another pic I took on 3 September 2004 on approach to Augusta showing the Hardy Inlet and Augusta town to the left. For those thinking “what the hell is he on about” I’m talking Augusta Western Australia
augusta town
Click on image to view enlarged.

Crop circles over Augusta

November 8, 2004

Going through some of my favourite shots and this one was taken at about 3000ft South East of Augusta on 3 September 2004.
Its apparently a farming technique
crop circles over Augusta