Charlotte Dawson is a Bully

August 29, 2012 — 106 Comments

I did find interesting that Charlotte Dawson has become a hero amongst the mainstream media for “getting back” a person on Twitter who dared say something negative about her.

To put this in perceptive: as of today, the person who dared say something bad to Charlotte has lost her job.

Yep, when Charlotte doesn’t like someone, she goes the bully and pings their employee in an attempt to get them sacked.

And according to the latest news: Charlotte “bully” Dawson managed to get that person sacked.

The sickness here is that Charlotte Dawson is apparently a member of an anti-bully group. Indeed, she’s apparently a person who advocated against bullying.

So how does one explain that Charlotte Dawson disagreed with a Twitter comment then got someone sacked from their job????

Charlotte Dawson is a bully herself. Her actions show it.

It’s one thing to disagree with someone on Twitter, it’s another matter to go out of your way to find their details and complain to their boss.

If you have an issue with people, you take it up with them.

If you’re Charlotte Dawson you get someone sacked by taking it further than personal and taking it further because you are sad and pathetic.

106 responses to Charlotte Dawson is a Bully

  1. absolutely I do.

    She WAS a bully, and she then didn’t cope with people coming back at her.

    The go kill yourself is inappropriate, but lets not forget that CD attacked people for being fat and more as well

  2. I wonder how you feel right now eh? I would dearly love to tell you what I think of you but I will keep it to myself. Shame on you

  3. so what are you trying to say Duncan, condone cyberbullying as okay? as for Tanya, to tell someone to go hang herself is not a mere remark of disapproval but a very clear act of cyberbullying. she, and all trolls for that matter, should own up to their comments and be prepared to suffer the due consequences for cyberbullies that were put in place for trolls like her with too much time on their hands to needlessly spread and magnify hate in the world. cyberbullying rightly deserves job or school suspensions IMHO to remind people of what good manners are on the Internet. CD may not have been a good model of behaviour herself in how she addressed her cyberbullies, but Tanya got what she deserved, for whoever it was she bullied whether it was CD or not. If you’re too coward to say something in personal you should think twice about saying it to that person online. Where have all manners and rational disagreeing gone? CD is dead now. Are all her haters, including Tanya, happy now? Cyberbullies win. Bloggers defend trolls just because they get sacked from their jobs. Wow. this truly is a fallen world.

  4. The bully (CD) became the bullied.
    No sympathy from me (apart from her having depression)
    But, loads of people have that.
    She should have got offline.

  5. And I’m not saying RIP because I was no fan of hers. I couldnt stand her but even though I have Twitter, I never tweeted her, but if you can dish it out, prepare to cop some flack. This stuff happens to many people but it isn’t put on the news.Only because she was famous and she passed away.
    People shouldnt bully, but Charlotte was a bully…

  6. Thaddeus lovelock May 12, 2014 at 11:14 pm

    What, a silly post, its not a matter of disagreement or agreement ,I have seen, some of the tweets, they were really nasty, and vicious. They were designed to destabilise, and intimidate. Those tweets were in no way part of any legitimate debate, don’t dignify them, by giving them that status, it was basically just hate speech.

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