Charlotte Dawson is a Bully

August 29, 2012 — 106 Comments

I did find interesting that Charlotte Dawson has become a hero amongst the mainstream media for “getting back” a person on Twitter who dared say something negative about her.

To put this in perceptive: as of today, the person who dared say something bad to Charlotte has lost her job.

Yep, when Charlotte doesn’t like someone, she goes the bully and pings their employee in an attempt to get them sacked.

And according to the latest news: Charlotte “bully” Dawson managed to get that person sacked.

The sickness here is that Charlotte Dawson is apparently a member of an anti-bully group. Indeed, she’s apparently a person who advocated against bullying.

So how does one explain that Charlotte Dawson disagreed with a Twitter comment then got someone sacked from their job????

Charlotte Dawson is a bully herself. Her actions show it.

It’s one thing to disagree with someone on Twitter, it’s another matter to go out of your way to find their details and complain to their boss.

If you have an issue with people, you take it up with them.

If you’re Charlotte Dawson you get someone sacked by taking it further than personal and taking it further because you are sad and pathetic.

106 responses to Charlotte Dawson is a Bully

  1. Good post! I think you’re absolutely right!

  2. ‘If you’re Charlotte Dawson you get someone sacked by taking it further than personal and taking it further because you are sad and pathetic.’

    Completely Wrong. Charlotte used publicly available information to contact Tania – who insulted her further and called her a ‘well to do white girl’. See right there – that proves CD did exactly what you said (‘If you have an issue with people, you take it up with them.’) I have not heard that Monash has fired Tania, she has been put on leave with pay while the incident is investigated.

    Quite frankly, if Monash fires her, it is her own fault. Whilst commenting in a personal manner, she abused her role as a Mentor at Monash.

    If CD targeted someone and told them to go hang themselves, she would be facing much harsher criticism than she is now.


  3. This article has hit the nail on the head. I don’t think you know the whole story teamcharlotte just what your leader has told you. You don’t know the full story so please refrain from making ill informed statements. you don’t know in what context the conversation was in. Theres more to it. Charlotte had no right to contact that persons work place as it had no bearing on the situation whatsoever, really what does the persons workplace have to do with anything? Charlotte and her followers counter bullying with bullying which doesnt make any sense at all….and she seems to be fine with racism when one of her followers called someone a “dole bludging half breed darkie cunt ..You cant advocate for anti bullying and just sweep racism under the rug they go hand in hand as racism is a driver for bullying. Charlotte needs to re think how to so called “stops bullying”….

  4. The “monash uni mentor” did not just disagree with her, she wrote horrible remarks about suicide and saying she should hang herself. Really? From a mentor? She deserves to lose her job. Easy to write stuff hiding behind a computer.

  5. People need to start taking responsibility for their actions. Telling someone to hang themselves is despicable. Good on charlotte for exposing this person. Keyboard warriors that spew vitriol from their keyboard need exposing. I hope Monash sacks her.

  6. Tanya Hati was ‘representing’ Monash University by having it on her profile picture. She has shamed her workplace. She deserves to be suspended. She was silly enough to advertise where she was working….

  7. Charlotte is a pussy …. needs to gurl up and take it on the chin

  8. This woman did not “say something bad” to Charlotte Dawson, she suggested she kills herself. If you have the brains to write your own blog, you should have the brains to see that kind of behaviour is the lowest of the low.
    “So how does one explain that Charlotte Dawson disagreed with a Twitter comment then got someone sacked from their job????” – are you for real? She didn’t disagree with a tweet, she was instructed to commit suicide!!! She deserves to lose her job. If one of my staff did that they’d be out on their ass.
    Jesus it’s scary to think there are people of your intellect reaching the public with your inane thoughts.

  9. Actually no she didn’t. Charlotte trawled through her account until she found where she worked. On another note, check out the back and forth between Alex Perry and Charlotte in relation to a ANTM contestant. Although I too think that what has been leveled at Charlotte is way out of line, Charlotte is very much a bully herself.

  10. Geez, I’m glad I’m not “one of your staff members” Control Freak much? What right do you have as an employer to get involved in your staff’s personal lives? She posted the crap she did on her own personal account which had nothing to do with the Uni. It was CD who bought them into it. Dawson trawled through the woman’s account, found where she worked and called her boss trying to get her sacked. By your rational, could this blogger not publish your workplace and expose you for calling him a dumbass? I bet your “amazed” alright, that’s cause you just don’t get it. Ps. I think I know who the brainless one is buddy.

  11. Get some perspective man. I think you thoughts are a little clouded. I bet you would think differently if those troll remarks were aimed at your son. Don’t know this Charlotte Dawson person from a bar of soft, but if those cyber bullies threatened me or my family with violence I would do nothing to track the MF’s down. If this Tania Heti worked for me I would fire her in a heartbeat and make sure her future employers knew her past as well. If she does this online who know what she does in the workplace.

  12. Ooops that should be a bar of soap…….. what was I thinking, a bar of soft…… mind must have been elsewhere. 🙂

  13. Get some perspective you moronic idiot, charlete was sticking up for a lady whom, said her partner committed suicide then she was picked on by the dumb bitch who got suspended from her job and rightfully so she is in a mentoring position at a university with young people whom go through a large amount of stress at university, and of this bitch goes onto twitter and tells people to kill themselfs she should not be around young adults I would not Want her mentoring my children, furthermore bullies like the lady who say those things have been the cause to many people committing suicide and they need to learn there lesson, Goo on Charlete for sticking up for the vuroable

  14. Charlotte spent the whole evening “arguing” back and forth. She chose to stay on line. Finally at 3am she had her meltdown. I agree CD has an over inflated view of herself.

  15. Its people like you that perpetuate bullying behaviour because bullys always blame someone else for their actions. Charlotte has my support!

  16. 2989, did you know that death threats are a crime? It’s like you’re asking a victim to accept a crime that is unwillingly brought onto them. Are you suggesting bullies have a right to bully than a victim to defend themselves against the crime?

  17. The woman had her business card on Twitter, so she was the one who brought her work into it. She linked Monash University to her disgusting comment, Charlotte merely brought it to their attention and, given that the woman is a mentor to young adults, she was right to do so. I wouldn’t tolerate my staff linking my business to that kind of behaviour nor would I want my children being mentored/taught by that type of person. I’m no fan of Charlotte Dawson but nobody deserves that sort of treatment.

  18. I think there’s a big responsibility to discuss suicide sensitively and the Monash staffer did not do this.

  19. If she call women BOGANS, SCRAGS and WHORES she get the tweets she earned….If she is Unwell Dr Patel is available …

  20. ScaredOfCharlotte August 30, 2012 at 7:09 pm

    I agree. It is disappointing that an anti bully advocate would resort to such a measure and be proud having exacted revenge, rather than be the bigger person and just ignore.

  21. Ever heard the saying “if you don’t have something good to say, then keep it to yourself”?…… I’m glad the uni mentor has been reprimanded. That is disgusting behaviour and it’s about time people start being responsible for their actions in this cyber world. People seem to have so much more to say online than in reality. NO ONE should tell ANYONE to end their life or harm themselves – it is NOT a given right.
    I’m just glad that Charlotte is going to be ok and I support all things against bullying and haters. Everyone has a right to an opinion, but some opinions should be kept to yourself.

  22. OMG a unionist. ha ha ha. Lets rape, murder and pillage, but it’s okay, if it is done outside work hours. Think outside the box man. Sorry, just try and think. Last time I heard, threating acts of violence to another was a criminal offence. But you obviously condone criminal behaviour, if it is done outside work hours. And this person did it while plastering her name card all over the internet with her company’s logo on it. Yeah, really good for business. But you don’t care about your boss or the image your business projects to the community do you. If you want to talk about rational thinking, I am guessing you would defend a peadophile scout master. So he molests a few boys, it has nothing to do with his job which is lighting camp fires and pitching tents. You make hairy knuckle dragging neanderthals sound intelligent.

  23. How about we start endlessly trolling you? See how you feel about that. It seems to be fine to do it but as soon as you become the victim, I am sure you will change your tune. Insert your brain mouth filter for a change.

  24. People need to learn to use social media appropriately. You don’t put things in writing that you wouldn’t want your boss/family to see or it will be traced and there will be consequences. What happened to ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all’.

  25. Duncan Riley – are you the full quid? Supporting a cyber bully who suggests Charlotte Dawson should kill herself? Don’t waste our digital space.

  26. Well done. You, and all those who think like you do, got her to try and kill herself.

    “Sure, she’s not an actual human, she’s a celebrity, and celebrities are fair game. The scumbags.”

  27. M Brown, Brisbane August 30, 2012 at 9:47 pm

    Well im glad none of you are my employees, i only employ people with enough nouse to shut the Ipad, turn the computer off and go to bed. Without it getting the better of you…..

    At the end of the day its much easier to turn your back on a Cyberbully rather than a real one. Ms Daswon is a well repected public figure she should have the brains to do so. As should anyone who is the victim of Cyberbullying. How come people have not realised this yet, make your move the last and let it go.

  28. You’re all joking, right? Charlotte is well known for bullying others, the only thing that has happened here is that karma has bitten her in the ass. To give your support to that of a bully speaks volumes about you.

  29. AdvocateForTrolls August 30, 2012 at 10:16 pm

    Let’s get one thing straight. OUTRIGHTLY TELLING SOMEONE TO HANG THEMSELVES IS NOT TROLLING. Go and educate yourself on the term before using it. Oh, and go tell the media too…

  30. By making the statemen and labeling someone as a Bully you may find yourself up for for slander or more. Social commentariy I can see is what your on about. I understand and appreciate any discussion on topics worthy of open debate. Any statement said in writing in the public domain is accountable to the person who put it there. The internet is not above the law.

  31. That is one way to do it I guess Mr Brown. But it seems to me, you like to put your head in the sand and hope it all goes away. I agree, don’t engage the individual, but collect as much info as possible, contact the police and have this human excrement tracked down. The info I have is that a greater proportion of cyberbullies are bullies in real life. They don’t go away, they just go to the next victim. I don’t agree with a few people on this forum but at least the discussion is out there. Hopefully the misguided might have a change of heart.

  32. I do believe something really needs to be done about cyber-bullying and any form of bullying… I do understand that unfortunately CD’s tactics are in fact a form of bullying as well and feel that perhaps she should have replied via the same form of media without the mention of the other names involved and stated her concern and dissatisfaction with the behavior. If this resulted in more of the same then it would have been a more powerful message by refusing to comment and forwarding the matter for police investigation.
    I don’t feel it is adequate behavior to fight back with these people and nor do I find it appropriate to ignore this behavior. However, contacting a woman at her own workplace and then using your own public persona and going to all forms of media with this story does not feel like dealing with the matter, but rather exacting revenge. And then continuing to respond to these nasty comments from others is beyond my comprehension…especially being an advocate against suicide and then tweeting about “ending the misery” and “you win”? I find all this behavior very troubling, as she is in a position to send a great message against bullying and self-harm, BUT she has retorted by taking on a different degree of bullying behavior and then acted in a way that gives into self-harming…i.e. she continued to reply to abusive messages, confronted this lady via phone in her own workplace, took the story to the media disclosing the woman’s name and then ended up being hospitalised.
    It does feel very much like her trying to get more coverage for her story, but it’s become quite negative from her end as well.
    I do not for one second condone the abusive messages, but being someone myself who has suffered from abuse I know that her behavior was not above board either.
    If the situation was bothering her to this degree she should have forwarded the details to the police for an investigation and followed this up privately. Then when the story did become exposed after the investigation (and without the public becoming aware of the names involved. We don’t need to know this. Not every criminal gets as much air time as this lady who made this abusive comments, so I don’t feel it is needed) then CD would have become the anti-bullying hero, rather than fall into the demise of fighting fire with fire and ultimately getting burned.
    There is something predominantly distorted with society, as we tolerate abuse and these forms of cyber-bullying and this needs to be corrected. But this needs to be corrected by re-educating people on what is appropriate and what is not appropriate and addressing this via the appropriate means, i.e. law enforcement. I do not feel that this needed to be on every media website, radio or print news medium, as this sends a message of PUNISHMENT and HUMILIATION rather than re-educating people on what is not appropriate. A lot of people seem to have some distorted view that making comments via social media is not the same or has the exact same meaning as doing it via a face to face interaction.
    Yes, I agree this is a criminal offence, but I believe if someone murdered someone on the same day as this they would not have received as much media attention as this so it does seem quite ludicrous and unfair to this person who wrote these comments. No-one should be telling anyone to commit suicide or the like and they definitely should be held accountable, but I don’t feel it is fair that this lady is being targeted in this way for what many other people also do online. All people should be held accountable, but society has a serious problem with abuse and bullying and dealing things in this matter does not resolve the problem. It flares the situation, as is shown on twitter the following day.
    AND most importantly, it does not re-educate people but instead attempts to punish them publicly with humiliation, which is not a fair practice at all. This could have been dealt with so differently, which is sad. I do hope CD is ok and I am sorry she had to suffer this abuse, as I do not believe anyone should have to…yet she must also be held accountable for her own actions, as she did not block people but continued to respond to their abusive comments and fight back when she could have been the bigger and better person and said “No, goodbye”. This would have been a much more powerful message to everyone, i,e, that you do not waste your time and energy on messages of HATE, as they will ultimately destroy you.

  33. Surrounded by turkeys August 31, 2012 at 12:08 am

    I’ve just heard about this issue and have no background in it, but from a cursory reading: You’re a fucking idiot. That was a disagreement. If I said you should ‘eat shit and die’ that would be crossing the line. Being able to set up a blog does not mean you have sufficient intelligence to pass judgement. I think you should take a moment to re-examine you’re perspective on life.

  34. Funny….. every definition I have read on Trolling seems to cover this exact subject. You must use a different web dictionary. But otherwise who the hell cares.

  35. I think these other two links I have attached illustrate that Charlotte Dawson is not the innocent party that people do believe her to be.
    Once again I do tolerate any abuse as acceptable or as appropriate behavior, but let’s keep in mind that this did all begin with her racist comments about the country NZ and the NZ people. Also re-tweeting others abusive comments for others to view does not feel like a sound practice, as it perpetuates the cycle of abuse and allows innocent others to also be thrown in the line of fire, which is exactly what occurred.
    In this Sunrise clip CD excuses herself from acting in this similar behavior, which is very disheartening. She claims a tweet she made about requesting someone kill another person was only a joke and she turns it around by stating that bloggers have been saying all this nasty stuff about her. I don’t know how she is an ambassador for anti-bulling? It really does confuses me?
    I hope she re-examines her own behavior too, as it is not only Tanya who has acted inappropriately.
    The media do need to portray both sides of the story objectively and not just highlight CD’s case, as she is a person in the public eye with links to media and this research assistant does not have that same power within the media to influence society’s opinions of what really occurred here.
    Please read and view the links and make up your own minds.

  36. Sorry, that should state * do NOT tolerate abuse *

  37. Slander is indeed slander, but only if it’s false. Calling her a “bully” isn’t slander as it’s quite easily proven.

  38. Slander is only slander if it’s false. The claim that she’s a bully can be easily proven by a quick youtube search. There are videos of her bullying people on the net.

  39. One shouldn’t lose their job, nay career, because someone felt you said something “mean”.

  40. Interestingly your view is covered with the Just World hypothesis.

  41. Are you for real? You think getting someone sacked for publicly telling a person who’s fiance hung himself, “if I was your fiance I’d hang myself too #gohangyourself,” is bullying? It wasn’t because something bad was said about CD. Get your head around the story before you start commenting about it. Do you think before you blog?

  42. Are you stupid? It is never right to tell someone to go and kill them self even explain how to do it, and all the others on the band wagon should all be ashamed of themselves. Very sad! And you should get your facts straight too! Judging people is evil!

  43. I tottaly agree with this article. She is a bully. Plaina and simple.

  44. Weird logic here. I do hope you get to see, eventually that telling
    someone that they should go hang themselves and that their mother should
    too is really not cool. I really wouldn’t want someone like that
    working in my environment, and generally most work places have very
    strong ethical policies about behaviour of employess. Charlotte did not
    get the girl sacked, the girl got herself sacked.

  45. I am aware of the “just world hypothesis” as a social psychology concept, but as I said I am not condoning abuse. Responsibility of one’s own actions and bullying goes two ways in this situation (there is no innocent party) and it is not fair to look at one side without reviewing the other side as well. It’s called objectivity.

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