10 people I’d choose to be stuck with on a desert Island

June 14, 2006 — 4 Comments

You saw Doc Searls commenting on Cam’s blog and thought (rather oddly) wouldn’t it be cool to be trapped on a desert island with Doc Searls, by far one of the great thinkers and minds of our time….which leads me to put together a list of people I’d like to be stuck on a desert Island with. Of course, there are many others I’d include, but I’d think the idea (having suffered many a corporate management course involving desert islands over the years) probably isn’t that bad, after all, why would “management consultants” charge $5k (AUD) a day for this sort of thing 🙂

3. Doc Searls
If b5media was ever to take VC funding or make a pile of money, I’d want Doc on the Advisory Board. As well as being a nice guy, he’s a thinker as well, who always challenges my thought set.

7. David Krug
Now I know some of my b5media founders are going to be upset with this, but I’ve gotten the chance to know (in part) the blogospheres “Cowboy” and I’ve found him to be a good bloke. It’s history now that he helped negotiate The Blog Herald sale, but what I see in David is me, maybe 8 years ago, before the blogosphere existed. Sure, David’s made some mistakes, he’s also said some things I could honestly throttle him for about some of my great mates, but at the end of the day David’s been a person who has admitted he’s made mistakes, he’s tried a lot of things, sure, but in my personal dealings with him, he’s the sort of guy I’d love to sit down to a drink with, and hopefully one day we will. We all have to learn, I’m 30, David’s not, with time comes wisdom, David’s only crime is he did it in public, where as I’m sure there is very few people who didn’t do it privately.

8. Cameron Reilly
Despite the fact he can’t set up an ftp upload directory for me so I can start podcasting, he’s the sort of guy I could talk politics with for a very long time. I don’t always agree with Cam, but I do appreciate that he’s pretty much non-partisan, which is pretty much where my political thinking has gone these days.

9. Nick Wilson
Every good island should have a pom, and I know no better pom than Nick Wilson. I haven’t cross his path much lately, and I really miss him at Threadwatch, but at least we could talk Cricket…and beer…and weather…and the fact that most of his countrymen are trying to move to Western Australia…well at least it feels this way, given how many poms live here now 🙂

10. This is really hard.
There are so many people I could choose. I’m tossing up Robert Scoble, Dave Winer….Dave would be 11, but I’m picking “She who must be obeyed”, because every day wouldn’t be the same without you. You are my strength, my power, my guiding light. I would be so much of a lesser human being without you. I love you Princess.

Updated: 22 March 2007 after getting a spam comment here. I must have been on drugs or something when I wrote this originally, turns out I should have trusted my gut feelings then instead of letting money blind me. You live and learn.