A note to Devany Kindle

September 5, 2006

Dear Ms Kindle

Thank you for the numerous unkind words you have sent me in relation to my posts on the death of Steve Irwin. As an American I’m sure you’re a complete expert on how some Australians found Steve Irwin embarrassing at times. As I have previously written, the man was a walking clich?É?í?Ǭ© and often portrayed stereotypes of Australians which were not based in fact.

A reasonable demonstration of stereotypes for example is demonstrated in these kind words you sent to me:

My ancestry left England, yours were removed in chains. I don’t expect that you have a great genetic disposition, but hopefully you aspire to learn.

But of course my dear, I must have imagined that my Grandparents on one side were Scottish, and on the other side they were English free settlers from the 1840s. If one must play this game my dear, your relatives probably left England because they were religious freaks that had sex with goats, but I wouldn’t dare stoop so low as to place such stereotypes on my cousins across the Pacific.

As I’d noted, Steve Irwin did have many positive points, but it would have been remiss of me not to note some of his negatives as well, after all it was the character of the man in being so grossly annoying that he eventually endeared himself into the hearts of many.

2 responses to A note to Devany Kindle

  1. Oh dear lord, where did this woman come from?