A third world country for telecommunications

November 23, 2004

A week and a half has passed and still no internet access from home accept for dialup which is about as useful these days as tits on a bull.
I’ve been told that for Telstra to transfer an ADSL connection from one house to the next takes 5-10 working days, despite the fact its the same phone number and exchange.
Now I was pissed at iinet my ISP, and I still am, as they left it over the whole weekend and then to Monday night to put the order through and never bothered telling me that whole week prior when I first contacted them that it would take so long, but Telstra takes the cake. Third world stuff.

Many out there will bleat that if Telstra is fully privatised (for those overseas its still 51% Government owned) that it will be worse. Bullsh*t. It’s the Government ownership that stuffs it up and makes it unaccountable. We need to open up the exchange to home point market, tighten regulation and piss the rest of the crappy company off whilst it still holds some value. Living in the bush, great, we’ll protect you under legislation and Universal service provision rules, but the quicker we piss these bastards off from public ownership the better.