Adsense is dead, and Digital Incest!

September 25, 2006 — 5 Comments

For those of you new to, or who haven’t followed my ramblings since the Blog Herald days, I like to read and subscribe to ebook gurus. Most of them are completely and utterly full of sh*t, but I’ve always found them interesting from a marketing perspective.

But I digress once again, because for once in my life…ok, I exaggerate, for the first time in a while I’ve actually stumbled across an free ebook offering I do care to recommend big time! Miracles do happen!

Check out Scott Boulch’s free Adsense is Dead, and the follow up Life after Adsense, both available on the same link (note: affiliate links, I get 50c per download if you download them prior to 7:40pm US CST 26 Sep 06…but hey, it’s 50c, I’m not going to get rich out of this 🙂 ).

I’d recommend reading them both.

Sure, I know why Boulch is offering these ebooks for free…he wants to build a list. You know what, he’s entitled to off of these ebooks. For once I can say I totally enjoyed the content.

In Adsense is Dead he talks about the changes at Adwords that mean that Adwords clients now pay a whole lot less for non-search Adwords traffic. If you’ve got Adsense on your blogs you would have noticed this. Adsense returns have dropped…there’s no question about it.

Is Adsense dead? I don’t believe it is fully…but in my opinion it’s not something you should be basing a business on as a sole source of income. Indeed, it should be a supplement to other advertising, not the main focus.

There’s one particular part of the book that made me smile big time. It reads as follows:

Most internet markets started out by selling a legitimate product or service to a legitimate customer over the internet.

But things have changes. Nowadays, most internet markets sell “make money crap” to other internet marketers.

That’s Digital Incest!

(note, his emphasis, not mine).

Here’s a guy that speaks the truth, which is probably why other ebook gurus have come out so against this ebook.

The book goes on to explain how basically all but a few people will make serious money from Adsense…it’s good reading, sensible and logical stuff.

In the second book, Life after Adsense, he talks about affiliate opportunities, in particular the ability to deliver CPA (cost per action) traffic using Adwords. Now of course, you don’t have to use Adwords for this, but the fundamentals of what he is saying is clear. Affiliate programs, those Amazon 96 ideas are back in a big way. Affiliate returns have progressed a lot since then….

I could ramble on all day (hey! I’m being good, my rambling is under control here at…mostly)….but do yourself a favour and take a look. I may not agree with everything he writes 100%, but it’s great to get a different view on things without someone just trying to flog yet another made for adsense idea on you.