ajaxWrite: a good idea with bugs

March 24, 2006

Michael Robertson points to ajaxWrite, a new online version of Microsoft Word requiring no login. I was reading about it, looking at some screen shots, and thought I’d give it a try. It was a little slow (I’m guessing the servers are getting a pounding). I go to open a file using the service. It then killed Firefox. Completely. All my morning reading tabs lost. 30 minutes of going through my Bloglines subs and opening the stuff I wanted to read and potentially write about…gone. I’m tempted to just slam the service, but if you compare and contrast the potential of this thing to say Writely (which you still can’t use without an invite) you start to think Google could have bought a lot better. Time will tell I guess, but it’s a Web 2.0 idea with huge potential, if and when they iron the bugs out.