And on the 8th day, god delivered a working Australian EPG for MCE, and all was good in the world

August 25, 2006 — 1 Comment

I was having a look around the Australian Media Centre Community Boards this evening and I found this: EPG Stream, a free, working, integrated MCE EPG for Australia…and when I say integrated I mean it, unlike some of the other half arsed efforts out their by people to deliver Australian program guides into MCE via command line and some other awful ways, you just install it and it works within MCE via remote control….and they even support WIN in Western Australia (which is particularly good as WIN here is actually bits from both Channel 9 and 10). No GWN unfortunately, but given the programming is 98% identical to 7 no problems at all. No support for ABC 2 either…but you can’t have everything, and missing 1 channel out of the 8 FTA Channels isn’t bad. After nearly 2 years of MCE computing I’ve finally got a working, 14 day EPG guide that updates itself and just works….suffice to say I’m very, very pleased. Now if only I could sort out the MCE Mame integration… 🙂


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