And you thought PayPerPost was bad!

October 12, 2006

Check this out: Blogvertise. From their how it works page:

Once your account is registered you will then add your blogs for review and approval. Once approved by the administrator your blogs are inserted into the assignment queue, where you will then be emailed tasks/new assignments to write about in your blog. Please read our rules At that point you should login to see the user service and how it works.

When the task assigned to you, You will be emailed a website url along with a brief note. Your task will be to mention the website in your blog and provide at least 3 links to the website in your blog entry. Your entry must be permanent and should not be deleted in the future. Note: You do not have to endorse the website’s products or services, just mention it, discuss it, or relate to it somehow in your blog/journal entry.

This is far more evil than Pay Per Post. At least PPP allows you to pick who you mention, these guys email the stuff through.

2 responses to And you thought PayPerPost was bad!

  1. Three links to a site in a post! Even if you love the product you are never going to link to it 3 times.

    At least it will make these posts easy to spot.

  2. Man Mike has a great point. I defend a websites right to do what they want like payperpost. It is none of my business, but blogvertise is a dictatorship. There is no way I am going to use either service.