Bird Watch

March 28, 2008

We had a stunned bird on our doorstep this afternoon, I presume it had smacked the glass. Waving at it resulted in no response, so we figured it’s not in a good way. I think about it for a while, she who must be obeyed says to leave it there, and yet for some reason I kept thinking that it would be bad karma to not at least try and help it.

Welcome to Bird Watch. I figure if it isn’t moving in the morning in the box then it wouldn’t have been outside. With any luck it will fly away. Presuming iiNet doesn’t crash or other event, this stream should be good until 9am AEDT Sat (+11GMT) or 5pm PST Friday. I’ll update the post with the result. The page with chat board on here.

Update: bird successfully returned to the wild at 8:30am Saturday. Archive 90mins below

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4 responses to Bird Watch

  1. A new genre of web casting emerges: nature-streaming. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the poor little bird. Lucky it didn’t happen here, it would have been a kitty snack.



  2. what kind of bird is it?

    let the cam show it, or at the very least – take snapshot of it, then post it

    good choice – karma, indeed.

  3. happy ending for the bird…

    duncan, you just saved an unfortunate mishap in your life – down the road…by helping this bird

  4. When I was in elementary school, there was a period, when more birds in full speed smacked into the windows… It was very sad, they all died… Only red markings stayed on the windows…
    But I’m very glad that you saved the bird. It is nice when people care about the nature around them.