blogging from the lounge room

August 24, 2004

After nearly 4 days without ADSL internet access and 12 solid hours of trying to make my new ADSL modem/ router work, I sit this evening not in my home office but on my laptop in my lounge room, flicking between the Olympics and Rove Live blogging this post wirelessly. I’d like to give credit to the folks at Bilken who provided the hardware, but having wasted the better part of a day getting the thing working I am currently planning voodoo dolls not roses. The problem: Win XP would not auto pick up the IP address from the router. “But it should” so said the guys at Harvey Norman (the point of purchase), iiNet, my ISP and the useless Bilken teck support line. 1 replacement later and many a search on Google I discover that it was a simple issue of XP corruption due to spyware removal.
Did I find this on the Bilken website? no: they told me to replace my network card. No reference on the Microsoft pages either. Hours and hours of searching, plenty of people with the same problem, and plenty of solutions that didnt work. Eventually: a WinSock XP repair program (as soon as I find the link I’ll post it) that in 30 seconds fixed the lot! Who ever wrote it I love u :-)