Bloglogic relaunches as a blog news site

June 28, 2006 — 1 Comment

I noticed an incoming link from Paul Short’s old blog network Bloglogic tonight, so I thought I’d check it out given I’d recently read the news that he’d given up Bloglogic to trade under the name of Gomaud Media…and I’ve got to say I was shocked!

Bloglogic lives! as a blog news style site (I’m tempted to say Blog Herald style site, but well…you know, it hard to compare anything to my old baby).

According to the Gomaud blog, Bloglogic has been relaunched as a blogging / tech / Web 2.0 news site.

Best of luck to Paul, although I’m annoyed he didn’t drop me a line earlier to let me know about the changes: Paul, I’m still here! I’ve just added Bloglogic back into Bloglines after a fairly big break and I look forward to reading what Paul has to offer.

Postscript: I haven’t posted this post yet as a type, but I wanted to add this: you can subscribe to the Bloglogic feed here. Paul’s a bloke I’ve got a lot of time for and who had a really bad streak of bad luck in 2005…and it’s great to see him back at the blogging game and creating new properties. Best of luck Paul.

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