Bryanboy struck by the Shared Hosting scam

January 19, 2007 — 6 Comments

Bryanboy shares his experiences with MidPhase. It’s a case of the Shared Hosting scam striking again, the one where by so-called high use shared hosting packages aren’t really because usually buried somewhere in the fine print (never in an easy place, nor disclosed up front) is a clause about CPU/ server usage which states they can cut you off for using too much of a server, usually without warning and with no redress. It’s not just MidPhase, most hosting companies are in on this in one form or another, they sell their high use packages on the basis that most people will never use those levels, and when they do they get suspend accounts, or terminate them: the exact problem I had with Site5 back in 05.

Dreamhost is the only company I’m aware of at the moment that has an open policy on CPU usage where they promise NOT to disable your account, but where necessary to talk to people hosting with them about alternatives should issues arise.

To any people in the hosting business reading this: I’m not anti-shared hosting, and I do understand that you guys have to balance your server loads on shared accounts, but it’s the fraud in promoting memory and traffic levels that could NEVER be met without using a decent portion of CPU on a shared box that I’m against, exactly what has happened here with Bryanboy. If you want to be an honest hosting company, disclose upfront straight away (upfront, not in the fine print) any limits you put in terms of server usage for shared host accounts, and most of all, promise never to suspend or take off line an account without first discussing options with your client (ie talk first, instead of acting first). If you’re doing this, or plan to, let me know, and I’ll happily give you a plug.