Bugs in Google Reader?

May 15, 2007 — 4 Comments

I made the switch from Bloglines to Google Reader a while back, but I’m noticing a couple of things that are starting to become annoying.

First is slowness in listing new posts. I notice it most with my own posts on various sites, I’ll post and it won’t appear in Google Reader for 2-3 hours, and yet Google Desktop’s feed reader (I’ll share that in another post) picks them up fairly promptly.

Second is the refresh/ Ajax feature that shows what you’ve read. Sometimes it marks the content off as I read it, other times it doesn’t without clicking the refresh option.

Is it just me? It took me over 4 years to leave Bloglines so I’m not about to change away from Google Reader, but I’ve got wonder, after all I use a feed reader to stay up to date, not get stories 2-3 hours after the fact.