Call for questions for Blog Traffic Book

July 7, 2010

So I’ve finally bitten the bullet and started writing an ebook some 3 or 4 years after I first thought it would be a good idea.

The topic will be blog traffic, and everything I know about obtaining it.

But I have a small favor to ask: I’m looking for questions to go in the book. While a lot of the book will talk about technique and strategy, I want real questions from real people to break things up.

If you have any question about generating blog traffic, be it with a particular technique or anything you might think is relevant, ask away in the comments.

If I select your question for the book, your name and site will be featured with the question! (obviously you should include your actual name and offer your URL with the blog comment in the correct fields etc 🙂 )

Well, presuming you have a site and want it. If you don’t want your name in the book, let me know.

Also, if I have your email you’ll get an answer to the question as well, although will be in the next few weeks vs say the next day or two.

I have ZERO idea how many people will be exposed to the book (obviously I’m hoping millions 🙂 ) but I’m confident that we should be able to get to maybe a few thousand minimum.


PS: if you’re interested in selling it, affiliate details will be ready hopefully in the next 2 weeks, stay tuned.

20 responses to Call for questions for Blog Traffic Book

  1. If your life depended on getting 50,000 visits to a single post on a blog that has just started, no residual traffic & no search traffic explain the process you would go through to (imagine also that you're not Duncan Riley & have no media contacts etc):

    – Research the topic to write about
    – The style of the article (how do you create impact i.e. subjects that are controversial)
    – How to promote (Social/Emailing Bloggers/Press)

    I'm sure this would give a good insight into the process from start to finish. Hopefully if that particular post was a success then it'd give a fairly decent foundation to continue the blog 🙂

  2. Duncan, how do you become compelling and relevant with all the content out there?

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  11. Interesting post! I actually have a lot of question about Blog traffic. I'm just starting to do it and hopefully it works. I know some strategies on how to improve it, but I want to know more and by details. Keep posting, I have your site bookmarked.

  12. The first thing I'd like to know about a book about blog traffic is what counts as traffic to you? There are at least as many ways to measure traffic as there are to build it. But, what makes you feel you are getting successful results?

    I admit, I go by how much blog comment spam I get. I must have done something right the days I get sudden huge rises in comment spam. I've never looked into it enough to figure out where it comes from. I also like real comments but those really only come from the odd blog I have left a comment on myself. Most of the time a one shot deal.

    Which is another question: what is the best way to build real and lasting blog traffic with regular readers versus click through traffic which you can get pretty easily through something like Entrecard?

    Last of all, I joined CMF Ads Network and a few other small ad network/ exchanges. I like CMF the best but I really don't know how to decide which of the network exchange things are bringing in traffic worth the space I have given them in my sidebar.

    Just thought of another question. How do some blogs have great traffic and yet have the cleanest, uncluttered sidebars (no networks, no awards, no badges and such)?

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