Chartreuse is Back

August 18, 2007

The second post in roughly 24 hours from Prince Campbell. I didn’t post on the first one because I’ve see the stray post before. Chartreuse is back in the house and welcomed from me.  Lets hope the issues of last year are left behind and we see some great blogging once again. Prince is a great bloke who I had the opportunity of spending a bit of time with last year.

 It must of been something subliminal from me as despite having a big Google Reader purge about 5 weeks ago I left Chartreuse in my reading.

2 responses to Chartreuse is Back

  1. Thanks for the heads up otherwise i would have continued my ignorance of the blogosphere. Hopefully it gets interesting again.

  2. Thanks Duncan, I really was trying to keep the whole thing low key till I get my rhythm back. As usual I forgot about RSS! Thanks for the kind words, though.