Considering the Cronulla disturbances

December 13, 2005

All the nets abuzz about the disturbances at Cronulla in Sydney, and the reaction of the main stream media compared to bloggers has been amazing. Whilst the mainstream media seem to label what occured at Cronulla as “rascist riots” parts of the Australian blogosphere seem to be the only people supporting the PM in reporting it for what it was, a law and order issue. What’s even more amazing is how focused the MSM is on Cronulla and yet if you dig deep enough into the MSM reports you’ll find that people of Lebanese decent have run rampage throughout other parts of Sydney since. But of course, apparently burning the Australian flag and beating people up because they are Anglo-saxon in origin doesn’t constitute racist violence according to the Sydney Morning Herald, because it appears that racism can only be done by white Australians.

The language is also interesting. The MSM is so quick to label “white” Australians and yet the Lebanese youth who started this whole thing are labelled as “Middle Eastern”.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not condoning the violence, it was clearly wrong, but what makes 5000 mostly law abiding Australian citizens gather at Cronulla in the first place? Its a law and order issue where young Australian’s in Sydney feel that their streets are no longer safe and they see no other alternative to take action. Sad, but true. The true criminals are the members of the Government of New South Wales that so poorly provides protection for its citizens. When 12 and 13 year old girls are spat at and called sluts at a beach in Sydney, and surf lifesavers are attacked by gangs doing nothing more than trying to protect the lives of others, something is truly wrotten in the state of New South Wales.

I’d also question the motives of the NSW Premier Morris Iemma. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to work out with a name like Iemma he’s not exactly a Smith or a Jones. The ALP in Sydney is racked with ethnic branch stacks (Mark Latham’s words) and he owes his position as Premier to the ethnic community. Despite the absurdity of what he is saying, he is choosing to take sides in an attempt to gain even more support from the community he relies upon to be elected. So much for governing for everyone! And of course now there are a pile of extra police in Cronulla….where were they when people were being attacked by Lebanese gang members?

PS: I’m a Shire boy from way back. Left about 9 years ago but grew up in the area. Cronulla was my local beach.

Food for thought.

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