CSS Reboot for Sale at SitePoint, SitePoint redesign

June 28, 2006

CSS Reboot, an excellent resource of CSS beautifulness is up for sale at Sitepoint. I can’t remember whether this was once a 9rules or Paul Scrivens site…certainly there is mention of Mike Rundle on the main page…

Also if you haven’t checked it out, the sales forums at Sitepoint have had a big makeover with a proper bidding system…very nice indeed, certainly in terms of tracking current bidding and whether a site is sold. It really takes the service from being just another forum (although a bloody good one at that) to being a proper auction site….look out eBay, the SitePoint boys from Melbourne are coming to getcha!


3 responses to CSS Reboot for Sale at SitePoint, SitePoint redesign

  1. Nope, CSS Reboot wasn’t our thing. I was interviewed for their blog a few months back and 9rules was the top rebooted site for Fall 2005, so we do have some connections to it, but we definitely don’t own it.