Dave Winer gets it right on Feedburner

May 22, 2006

Wise words from the old man of blogging:

How to compete with FeedBurner….First, I’d either do a deal with a registrar, become a registrar, or merge or partner with one. It’s absolutely essential that the user own the domain that their feed is hosted at, so that, in case of emergency, they can switch to a different hosting service. If they don’t own the domain, it doesn’t matter how many promises the vendor makes, or how well-intentioned they are, an act of god could result in a blackout of a huge portion of the RSS network. It’s irresponsible to host a large percentage of the net’s RSS feeds at one domain. I would set it up so it’s the other way around. My hosting service won’t host your feed unless you own the domain.

My thoughts exactly, and the very problem I have with Feedburner, I don’t like the idea of giving up control of my feed.

Great thinking Dave.

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2 responses to Dave Winer gets it right on Feedburner

  1. I’ve long since given up on Feedburner for that very reason, Duncan. I must admit though, I hadn’t thought of that scenario conjured up by Dave. apocalyptic, or what?