Daylife: where’s the Feed?

January 5, 2007

Micro Persuasion/ TechCrunch report that the long waited Web 2.0 news startup Daylife has launched. First impressions: it’s just a prettier version of Google News. Australians will remember the Peter Russell Clark ads of a couple of years ago where the bearded cook would ask “where’s the cheese?”, so with that image in mind, I ask “where’s the feed”. Let’s see: Web 2.0 style news aggregator (check), tags (check), feed (WTF?!?!). There isn’t anyway to subscribe to the site via feed, at least from what I can see. If there is they’ve buried it in such a way that I am unable to discover it after 5 minutes of looking around the site. The really, really odd thing: Dave Winer hasn’t said boo about the site lacking feeds, where as if it was any other company he would have by now…of course it’s no coincidence that Winer is an investor in Daylife, but I guess we would have expected better from him.


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One response to Daylife: where’s the Feed?

  1. You will note that Dave did link to Mike’s criticism of the lack of RSS feeds, which is Dave’s passive-aggressive way of slapping Daylife in the face for their oversight.