Daylight Savings causes cancer

October 25, 2006 — 3 Comments

Funny headline you think? what if I told you that this theory is being used by Queensland Premier Peter Bettie as an argument against implementing daylight saving in Queensland! (via TSSH). It’s got as much credibility as the moron dairy farmer interviewed by The West Australian last week when Daylight Savings came up again here in Western Australia saying that they couldn’t farm properly if daylight savings came in because 3pm would feel like 1pm (if you don’t get it, you move your clocks forward 1 hour, not 2)…mind you, with this sort of mathamatics is it little wonder half of the dairy industry is going out of business in this state? The latest news however isn’t all that good: despite word being that we’d get Daylight Savings starting 3 December, it looks as if the bill has been delayed and won’t be settled until mid November. Here’s crossing my fingers that Western Australia will actually join the 21st century and I’ll have daylight savings here before Christmas.