Dec 1 is “ADSL Return Day”

November 29, 2004

iiNet (or “ii” as they now call themselves: short for “incompetent idiots”) rang last week after my faxed complaint to apologise then tell me it would still be another week until my net access was returned. In another complete f*ck up the guy who rang (he was from “upstairs” so he said) promised that someone from “downstairs” would ring in the morning to confirm 1 Dec as the date of ADSL return. Surprise, surprise, no one rang, until he eventually rang in the afternoon to apologise and make some comment about those evil ADSL connection nazis “down stairs”. No explanation has been given as to why it has taken so long.

Well its be no access 12 November, the webmail box is soo full as to make me cry, I’ve lost advertising on the Blog Herald, my ebay business has died, all thanks to f*cking iiNet. A monkey could have done it quicker than iiNet+ add the fact that they slammed me for another 12 month contract to avoid a $100 “transfer” fee to the new address (despite the fact I’ve got the same number and the connection is in the same switch) and many of their competitors are now offering $0 setup and cheaper plans……

Change you say, well at the end of the 12 months I will. I started with iiNet when they where still relatively small, now they’ve gone from 40,000 odd customers to over 200,000 they just don’t give a sh*t anymore. The new estate I’m building in has real cable internet, so bye bye ADSL this time next year.