Doesn’t the US have the first amendment?

July 29, 2006

WTF? from ZDNet:

Web sites like and may soon be inaccessible for many people using public terminals at American schools and libraries, thanks to the U.S. House of Representatives.

By a 410-15 vote on Thursday, politicians approved a bill that would effectively require that “chat rooms” and “social networking sites” be rendered inaccessible to minors, an age group that includes some of the Internet’s most ardent users. Adults can ask for permission to access the sites. …

Even though politicians apparently meant to restrict access to MySpace, the definition of off-limits Web sites is so broad the bill would probably sweep in thousands of commercial Web sites that allow people to post profiles, include personal information and allow “communication among users.” Details will be left up to the Federal Communications Commission.

The list could include Slashdot, which permits public profiles; Amazon, which allows author profiles and personal lists; and blogs like that show public profiles. In addition, many media companies, such as publisher CNET Networks, permit users to create profiles of favorite games and music.

Great, even the one country in the world that we all once championed as the great bastion of free speech is now going to ban Amazon from public libraries….of course I could make some statement about tossing the incumbents out of power, but look at the vote: seems like the Democrats support this tripe as well. Big Brother is here and now, and taking over the Western World. Orwell was just 30-40 years out with his year.