Election Time

October 14, 2007

I’m suffering a strange sense of withdrawal, as this is the first Federal Election since 93 where the calling of an Election has sent me into a complete and utter panic, and the first since 1990 where I have absolutely no involvement (or she who must be obeyed BTW: despite the rumors the local f*ckwits in the Liberal Party might be spreading).

First day of election campaign is to authorize postal votes flyers to go out, presuming that head office isn’t doing them, or in the case of the WA Liberal Party isn’t completely f*cking it up like they did at the last State Election campaign here.

Step two is to order your advertising, presuming that you’ve already pre-recorded and/ or designed the material.

My prediction: ALP by 15, with the surprise result being that they’ll pick up Forrest on preferences from Independent Candidate Noel Brunning. Portlandbet might have Brunning at $3.50 to win but he’ll primarily poach Liberal voters, and the ALP vote can only go up so Brunning won’t get enough to come in second and take it to preferences. Presuming the ALP is smart and runs dummy HTV cards directing Brunning voters to put them second, they will be looking good, even with the 10% margin.