Facebook Friends

July 16, 2007 — 3 Comments

I’ve decided that the one thing I don’t like about Facebook is exerting effort for a small group of people; basically I don’t get why Facebook pages should be closed to all bar friends. It’s not that I dislike my Facebook friends; I appreciate every one of them, it’s just that in a society that values user generated content where there is a finite amount of time in a day, you only  want to post or create on X amount of places, preferably ones that maximise the audience. Take for example photos: I post to my Flickr account what I want people to see, be they friends or otherwise, why cant I do the same on Facebook?

OK, so people rave about the privacy and closed networks, but how hard would it be to be able to provide the option “Private or Public Profile?” 

If you do want to see what goes on behind the great privacy wall of Facebook (and it’s not that exciting…yet) add me as a friend on Facebook. I might have to have a friend-a-thon so I can play catchup with Robert Scoble…although I’ve got a bloody long way to go 🙂