Frank Barnako doesn’t like Jason Calacanis

April 21, 2006

You’d think a site like MarketWatch would try to provide impartial reporting of the news, but one can’t help thinking that Frank Barnako doesn’t like Jason Calacanis, check this out on the AOL social networking rumours:

Dave Winer started it with blog post that AOL was a few weeks away from launching a competitor to
It was picked up and reprinted by Jason Calacanis, a self-promoter of epic proportion, on his own blog.

Hmmm, “a self-promoter of epic proportion”. Nice, but it gets better:

Calacanis acts just the opposite. Maybe he planted the story with Winer. Picks it up immediately on publication. He’d be ready to catch it. Passes it along as if it were about a third person. Then, one of his network’s top blogs repeats it. Brilliant self-hype.


One response to Frank Barnako doesn’t like Jason Calacanis

  1. Hey man… I love the fact that he came up with that massive plan. Truth is even I don’t think stuff out that far! 🙂